SET Experimental Art Events is an artist run festival founded in 2015 with a specific focus on experimental music and audio visual performances. Its main event is the yearly SETFest which incorporates lectures, workshops and performances. Additionally SET organizes smaller events throughout the year. The festival’s main emphasis is on certain styles of audio visual acts which can not be contained by the regular boundaries of mainstream music and art.

I’ve been involved in SETfest since the very first days of formation in 2014 as a co-founder and a member of managing directors and curators team. Over these years, we have been trying to play our roll as a platform for Iranian artists to present their art and be introduced to the local scene and global scene and a hub for making connection between the young scene that has been shaped in our country and the world. we have organized more than 12 different events in over 10 venues, hosted around 60 artists from different countries and collaborated with International festivals like MUTEK, CTM Festival, etc.


Hardcore sounds from Tehran

Tom Faber meets the artists behind SET, a festival championing electronic music in the capital of Iran. Listen to an audio reading of this feature: You can't go far on the tangled motorways of Tehran without getting stuck in traffic.

Tehran: SET Festival 2015

Slavash Amini While Iran is no stranger to electronic and experimental music, the revolution certainly caused it to stagnate for many years. Only in the last 5-years has the scene started to move and develop again. Iran's musical space is comprised of a community that is now consistently putting out ambient, IDM and experimental electronic releases of a high quality via (predominantly) intern ...

The Quietus | Features | Three Songs No Flash | Fear, Anger, Love: The Quietus At CTM Festival 2017

At 2017's edition of CTM Berlin, a festival now in its eighteenth year, Karl Smith finds a project dedicated not just to forward-thinking music and experimentation but also to a sense of unification in a time when it is sorely needed