Our world is in crisis. Covid-19 has brought the entire globe into a halt, affecting people’s lives in massive proportions and in unthinkable ways. Regardless of our place of residence or race, this pandemic has imposed a sense of uncertainty onto our everyday existence and our vision for the future. Undeniably, these are troubling times.

Much like all working people, from any fraction of the service industry, musicians and performers are hurting massively by this unforeseen situation. Their source of income  is greatly dependent on shows in may it be in concert halls, clubs or any other imaginable venue; places where presence of large crowds are probably among the last businesses from which the quarantine will be lifted. The picture is so dire that Bandcamp decided to waive their share of sales for an entire day in order to help the artists a few weeks ago.

As listeners, viewers and lovers of art, we feel disconnected. We are deprived of attending the events we follow, seeing the artists we like in person and enjoying their work up close. In the same breath, we cannot socialize like we used to, discussing a unique shared experience with other people attending is not an option anymore.

SET as a coordinator and organizer, feels the responsibility of filling this gap and connecting these isolated groups. We believe despite the loss of benefits of a physical space, we might have a chance to try something new by utilizing the fluidity and accessibility of the internet. Hence, we have planned to hold a series of live stream sessions to exhibit experimental music in the form of online performances. 

UNISON Sessions will be a chance to share a digital experience with others and socialize on the web at virtual events. At the same time, this series will be aiming to reach out to artists and try to be a helping hand for them, both in spirit and financially. We believe this series will not only be a platform for art appreciation and human connection, but also it can transcend borders and be a unifying element for everyone across the globe. In these distressful and unsettling times, we hope this series could be a message of support for artists and audiences alike. In solidarity and in UNISON.